Charged With a Drug Offense?

Charged With a Drug Offense?

Contact a Drug Crimes Lawyer in Woodland Park & St. Paterson, NJ

If you're arrested for selling or possessing a controlled substance, you need an experienced drug crime attorney to provide you with legal assistance. Reach out to Paul M. Uhlik Attorney at Law to speak with a criminal defense attorney serving Woodland Park & St. Paterson, NJ.

We'll talk to you about the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest. Knowing your criminal background, the quantity of drugs and drug schedule classification will help us establish the best defense possible.

How Can Paul Uhlik Attorney at Law Help You?

We understand the law and the changing legal landscape around the country. You want a reputable attorney on your side when you're facing the possibility of fines and prison time. You can trust us to handle your drug-related case involving:

  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Possession of paraphernalia
  • Intent to distribute or sell

Give yourself the best chance of avoiding harsh penalties by hiring a trustworthy attorney in Woodland Park & St. Paterson, NJ.